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Mar 09

Cisco SPA 3102 with SIPGate

Since Google is closing Gizmo5, I had no choice but to move to SIPGate. SIPGate provides Incoming Number as well as Credits for Call out. Just like Gizmo5 and Google Voice.

I just recently updated my FXS to FXO Gateway, from this post, to the recent Cisco SPA Voice Gateway SPA 3102. This basically works with the previous post on FXS to FXO Gateway, but the settings for SIPGate is different.

So what is the advantage of this Cisco SPA 3102? Like previously mentioned on my previous post, this basically acts like a gateway for your VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and/or PSTN (Telephone Line). I used both the VOIP and PSTN to connect to each other so I can make calls wherever I am.

There is an in-depth settings that I will be providing on my next post on the How To’s setting up SIPGate with Cisco SPA 3102. The settings is simpler than Gizmo5.

This post is basically just an update from my previous post.

Though the Cisco SPA 3102 is based of the Sipura back in the day, 5+ years ago, Cisco decided to buy Sipura and integrate it with Cisco’s own router and VOIP. I have to say that it is easier to setup than the Sipura, but it could also be complicated if you want it to be with custom dial plan, with custom ring, custom call forwarding and set your own DTMF Tone to your specific country region.

There are number of ways you can use this. The way I have set up is that I route everything through my Google Voice number. So if my Google Voice number rings, so will the SPA 3102 since it’s setup with SIPGate. SIPGate provided me with a local number, in California. I then add that number in Google Voice. The Line 1 is connected to my Home Phone. So if I get a call from my Google Voice and within 4 rings, my Line 1 will pick up. That is if you have your DTMF Tone set correctly to the Hertz of your phone line. This is done so that your home phone can be drop after a hang up or no tone. DTMF setup should be set in stone in Default by Cisco. Supposedly you don’t need to set up the DTMF Tone. But in-case you have to, you might want to search for the right amount of tone in Google. Maybe someone out there is doing the same thing.

In the settings of your Cisco SPA 3102, you can set a PIN Code to prevent anyone from using your PSTN line to make an unauthorized call. I set both for my VOIP and PSTN to have a PIN Code. This is recommended.

The good thing about the Cisco SPA 3102 is that I can have two different way of people calling me without me having to switch my land line manually. Not like my previous post, which required two FXS to FXO Gateway. The the SPA 3102, if I get a call from either the PSTN Line or the VOIP Line, it will get transferred to vice versa. So if local people in California decide to call me (PSTN) and no ones picks up after 4 rings, then they put in the PIN Code, then the SPA 3102 will forward the calls to my VOIP so they can make a VOIP to VOIP call to my other SIPGate number. So it’s a free call for my family and friends. The other way would be, if I get a call on my SIPGate (VOIP), and in 4 rings no one picks up, the person enters the PIN Code, then dial through my PSTN (Home Line) and call my California Cell Number. The VOIP to PSTN way will cost me a little bit of money since AT&T will charge per call on my home phone.

What’s the point if I have to pay for someone calling my VOIP to get pass-through my PSTN Home Line? It’s actually an advantage to those who is calling from outside the country. So if my friends in Jakarta have SIPGate, calls my SIPGate but I don’t answer, they get to my SPA 3102 and can still reach me through my home land line phone to my cell phone. It’s free for them as far as they know it, since it’s SIP to SIP call or VOIP to VOIP call.

But what about PSTN to VOIP, what’s the advantage on that? Like I said before, above actually, the advantage is that by using the SPA 3102, you can make your PSTN line to be a VOIP Gateway. So if Person A calls my home on the intention of making a VOIP Call to his/her friend who is also in SIPGate, then the call Person A makes is only a local call even though the call itself is International.

That’s the basic use of Cisco SPA 3102. The actual how to will come shortly with screen shots.

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