Transfer Video from Looxcie to iPad

Looxcie 1st Generation
Looxcie 1st Generation

Looxcie app has a time limit of how long of a duration your video has to be before it can be transferred directly to your iOS device Camera Roll. It is under 20 minutes. So it’s safe to upload small clips but sometimes when you are out to have fun doing outdoor sport stuff, I just don’t have the time to click on that short clip button to create a 30 seconds clip. Transferring via Bluetooth is slower than the method I’m going to show you. Continue reading

Save Keynotes, Pages and Numbers on iPad to Dropbox

dropboxPages, Keynotes and Numbers are part of iWorks from Apple. So how do you save Apple iWorks app from iPad to Dropbox? The first question is, do you use Dropbox to save your work in Pages, Keynotes, or Numbers to share to other people who doesn’t use iCloud or on another device? Or just simply want to edit from your iPad for others to see in PDF or in PPT format? Technically, you can save any iWorks app to any services other than Dropbox. But I’m only showing the method to Dropbox and it is convenient for me if I want to share with those who doesn’t haven an iOS Device but is on Windows or Android. Continue reading

Nano Technology Universal Stand called Slope by Dekke

keyboardFullNano Technology Stand by Dekke is called Slope by dekke at is a nano technology stuff that you can’t buy off at a hardware store shelf. This thing sticks your iPad, iPad 2, new iPad, iPad 4, iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPhone, or whatever you think should be stick on to that thing you can. It’s a universal stand basically. Even the base can be sticked on any surface.

“Slope employs a unique suction technology for attachment—microscopic suction, that is. Its two pads are comprised of a special make of foam—Nanofoam—laden with thousands of microscopic air pockets across its surface that act like tiny suction cups. Pressing an object with a flat surface against nanofoam forces air out of the pockets creating a vacuum. Vacuum brings suction, suction secures grip.”

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iPhone 5s World Phone Model Specific for Worldwide 4G LTE

color_goldThere are specific model for all iPhone Model. Even the previous generation of an unlocked iPhone that is available outside of U.S is considered World Phone. Did you know on the back of your iPhone there is a Model number? That model number is specific to the LTE Bands on each country. Most country has GSM Capability, and even though CDMA version of the iPhone accepts LTE Bands, not all bands are covered by the CDMA version. But there is one specific model that covers all bands. However, you don’t need to have an iPhone 5s World Phone model if you are not much of a traveler. But there is an advantage other than just being a World Phone, it is unlocked to any carrier. So there is no hassle of you carrying a RUIM Adapter to unlock your locked phone temporarily while traveling. World Phone is more expensive though, still more expensive than to pay someone to unlock a locked iPhone 5s. The best place to get an unlocked phone is in Singapore, Indonesia or Hong Kong. They are considered World Phone. Singapore and Hong Kong gets their iPhone stock earlier than Indonesia. Singapore tends to run out faster than Hong Kong during the first week release. Continue reading

Review of how Bad Quality is the Lifeproof frē for iPad Mini

20131129-133349.jpgHow bad quality is the Lifeproof frē is? The thin edges for the screen cover is so thin that you can easily break the frame. You can see from the gallery below. If you don’t want to break the edges, you put in your iPad Mini and forget about it. Because if you decide to open the case, that’s when the crack, begins. Even if you decide to open it once, it will break the first time. Doesn’t matter how you are careful, the grip and suction is so great that the frame will not hold the pressure of you opening the case.

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Lifeproof frē Waterproof case for iPad Mini

Lifeproof frē for iPad MiniLifeproof frē is a waterproof case for the iPad Mini. It has a built-in screen protector, not like from it’s counterpart Lifeproof nüüd. Lifeproof frē can withstand rain, snow, dirt, mud, drop, and you can even swim with it. “iPad mini is packed with everything Apple knows about tablet computing. And, frē for iPad mini is built with everything LifeProof knows about tablet protection. LifeProof frē defends your mini from dunks, drops and day-to-day dangers in a case that’s barely there. In fact, LifeProof frē for iPad mini is so slim and sleek, you won’t even notice it’s there — until you’re glad it is!” Continue reading

Shuttr is a remote shutter for your iPhone

20131126-121017.jpgHave you had a time where you wish you can remotely trigger that camera to take a picture of yourself, or group pictures? Well, now there is. It was a kickstarter and it launched. It is a small, good price, good quality, simple and it gets to the point without the hassle of another app. No app needed, just pair via your bluetooth and shuttr will simulate that volume button up to take a picture. If it’s connected and you don’t have the camera app running, it will up your volume if you push the clicker. Continue reading

Anki Drive for iOS – Slot Car of the Future

The complete set
The complete set

Anki Drive, debuted during the Apple Events is finally out. I have to say this thing is pretty damn cool. It’s expensive, yet fun. I’m an addict of cars, I grew up with R/C Cars, Slot Cars, Planes, Helicopters, Hover Craft and just recently Drones. But this is a different category, because like slot cars, this has a track that is already built. So the cars follows the track, exactly like slot cars. You can call this an integration of iOS and Physical Object you play with. The iPhone or iPad Mini or even iPad Air can be the controller as long as your bluetooth is on. Continue reading

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