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Apr 14

My Command Center

My Command Center, as what “Warlock” would say in the latest movie Die Hard. I thought I would share my setup in me casa. Though things moves around, this room is always locked, and it gets warm, and even though what you see below is not exactly a daily thing, I use some of them daily.

The two outer monitors are Dell 22 inch monitor, the middle monitor is my i7 iMac 27 inch. The Dell monitors are used by the Mac Mini since it has dual video output (HDMI and VGA).

On my alligator skin desk lies my (From the Left Picture starting from the left table) HP Tablet PC Windows 7, AMD Powered. Next to it is my 13″ MacBook Air SSD 64Gb 1st and a half Generation when Apple decided to put a faster process and SSD hard drive.

Underneath my iMac is my 1st Gen ipad 64Gb 3G, used by my 7 year old son. In front of the 1st Gen iPad is the Magic Trackpad, and in front of that is the keyboard and Magic mouse, kind of obvious. :) Next to the mouse is my wife’s 3G 64Gb 1st Gen iPad, lay behind that is my classic battery powered clock. The atomic powered clock is hanging on my wall in my office, off to from the camera’s view. Gotta have atomic powered clock, with DST.

In between the Magic Trackpad and Keyboard is my BlackBerry Torch and my wifes’ iPod Nano. Also, in between the HP Tablet PC and the monitor on the left is my Logitech Orbit Webcam programmed to track faces so anyone who gets into the room will be recorded with their faces sent by email instantaneously.

Underneath the right monitor is a 2nd Gen iPad 32Gb 3G White, obviously its white, and in front of that is my (from the left) son’s iPod Touch 4 64Gb, my iPhone 4 32Gb AT&T, my wifes iPhone 4 32Gb Factory Unlocked, and next to it is the old iPhone 3GS 16Gb Factory Unlock, and then last is the iPod Touch 3rd Gen 64Gb.

The picture on the left is where the power house reside, my main central of my network equipment. Starting from the very bottom box (orange color box) on the left is my Dual eSATA External hard drive (Hot Swappable) and next to it is my Cisco SPA 3102 Voip Gateway. The Black Box on the very bottom right is my i7 Windows 7 Self-Assembled Cube on the right bottom box that is small black housing powered by Micro Intel Motherboard and Intel CPU.

On top of the orange box are, from the left front row, my latest gen Mac Mini with the HDMI Support, SlingBox Solo next to the Mac Mini, and my Cable Box Decoder by Samsung.

Behind the Mac Mini, back row starting from the left, are the two Gigabit Hub that is all filled pretty much with my network surrounding my house. From Network Cameras, Network Storage (NAS), DLNA Equipment, Xbox 360, PS3, TV’s, and my Onky Receiver all networked on to the Hub. Above the hub is the Cable Modem for my internet by Cisco.

Next to the two hubs is my AC Ryan Play!On DVR, and it gets warm in that room. All these are powered by a UPS that is located and locked somewhere in the house, in-case robbers decide to cut the power to undermine my cameras, it is a 5000 Watt UPS, good for 8 hours powering my Computer, NAS, Backup Drive, Cameras, Internet, Hub and a backup Network Hub around the house for security purposes.

Do I use all those gadgets and knick knacks? Yes I use them all, not at the same time, but day to day. One use is to monitor my house, watch TV remotely incase my son gets bored with all the Spongebob episodes on his iPad and iPod Touch, he has a second choice of watching live TV from SlingBox. The rest of the stuff is for security purposes. The Mac is a powerhouse tool to edit my videos and photos of my family pictures and family videos. So it’s all there for a good use.

A few items I don’t use, and that’s my all in one printer. It’s an HP C2750, AirPrint enabled by my Mac Mini running Windows 7 with Boot Camp to occasionally print for my son’s project, scan documents and print photos in 4×6 format.

I also have that MyVu Video Glass for my iPod Touch and iPhone 4, similar to this. Another item I don’t use often is a phone with voice changer, and I barely use my Kindle Tablet, and the not mentioned in the above post is my Buffalo Linkstation Terabyte NAS tucked away safely for my video recording system. In the picture there is a Red Cordless Phone, and that’s attached to my SIPGate on the Cisco SPA 3102 and the Cisco SPA 3102 is connected to my POTS (Plain Old Telephone System) line at home as a VOIP Gateway, bridged with MagicJack and Google Voice.

The whole house is Gigabit Networked, Wireless Router by Airport Extreme, extended with Airport Express.

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