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  1. Jennifer

    Back to question #3 by John…I’m having the same problem.

    I have set up the exchange several times and can receive messages fine but I still cannot get my replies to come from my business email, even though it’s set up in gmail & works online.

    Please help!

  2. Niandi Carmont

    Have tried that several times but keep getting a message that the Exchange password is incorrect?

    1. Eberhard

      I would try to login to Gmail with your existing password. If the error is persistent, that means your password is indeed entered in incorrectly.

      Otherwise, I would change the password and try again.

    2. greg

      It took a lot of reading other folks problem, but THIS is what allowed gmail to sync up.


      This unlocks your account for 10 minutes, then tells you to go back to your device and try it again, and it WORKS!!!!!!!!!! after spending hours and hours of frustration!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. John

    It works for me!

    One question however, how do I set Gmail Exchange up with a different ‘reply-to’ address on my iPhone 4s?


    1. John

      Does anybody have a work around for this?


      1. Eberhard

        Hi John,

        It seems like there is no option for Reply-to on the address bar. The only thing I see is to change the From to a different email address, which I usually use to substitute Reply-to.

        Good luck

        1. Anonymous

          You can do that on your gmail mail settings

  4. Mahmoud

    I found the solution
    In the setup, place exactly your full email address in the username so if ur mail is xer@gmail.com! Place user name as xer@ gmail.com

  5. Tobias

    Is this possible with multiple calendars in one Google account?

    1. Eberhard

      Yes it is. I have it setup for personal and the other for work.

    2. Eberhard

      Tobias, here’s the instruction I just blogged. http://bit.ly/a14TWi

  6. Jas

    Will this sync your new emails too?

    1. Eberhard

      Yes it does

  7. Cayuga

    Thank you for this info! I got all the way through, it asked me for my password, I typed it in…and it said it was incorrect. I did this a few times (the definition of “stupid” being “doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” I then created a new password for the Exchange account, and the same thing happened. I deleted the Exchange account, and started over. Do you have any idea about what I am doing wrong? Thanks again.

    1. Mahmoud

      I have the same problem
      Did u find a solution?

      1. José

        me too!

  8. Musharosky

    Hi there.
    Thanks for the instructions, but I have one problem after setting up the exchange account. It just loads a couple of emails of my gmail inbox. If I set up the e-mail account without the exchange it works perfect.

    What’s the difference there?

    1. Eberhard

      Hi Musharosky,

      Whenever a new Exchange Account is created, it only downloads new emails. Mine does the same thing.

      Though the regular way, instead of Exchange, would be using the IMAP Server rather than POP, it would mimic what you see on your GMail account. If I use the IMAP Server, my iPhone has all the Folders I created in my GMail account. I use IMAP for email, and Exchange just to sync Contacts and Calendars. So you can have both IMAP and Exchange with the same GMail account.

      1. Musharosky

        Hi Eberhard, thank you for your answer!
        It somehow downloaded the other inbox mails as well, but you would suggest to use exchange just for contacts and calendars and for mail the imap protocol?

        I guess the advantage is, that I would have all my emails, even when I’m not connected to the internet? But in this case I have to make 2 accounts in the settings, one exchange for contacts and calendars and one imap for email?

        Do I get it right?

        1. Eberhard

          If you like to have all your emails, including folders, do the IMAP. Just for emails. Exchange just for your Contacts and Calendar. That’s how I did it. You should try both to see what works best for you. I need to have all the folders because I like to move my emails to certain folders.

          Which means setup an exchange email for yourself@gmail.com and do the IMAP mail for the same username yourself@gmail.com. But set the Exchange Server not to get your mail, let IMAP do it all for you. Hope that’s clear. Good luck.

          1. Musharosky

            Hi again,

            I set it up now like you. The interesting part is now, that have the imap-settings it’s still able just to load the last 200 messages in each folder. I guess i have to live with that.

            Just a side-note when i was experimenting with the exchange-account, even there I had all my folders.

            Hope that works, future will show :)

    2. Matt Arnold

      There is a setting on the iPhone for the gmail account for how far back you want it to sync emails.

      1. Djamel Mami

        I was having the same problem but just went under Mail in setting and into the Exchange account (which is really my gmail account). There is a “Mail Days to Sync” button- I went under that and hit “No Limit.” Seems to have solved the problem- all my folders are showing up now.

  9. Paresh

    Extensive Battery Drain after setting up GMail with MS Exchange on iPhone 3Gs FW 4.0 Jailbroken.

    If I delete the account, battery is back to normal but if I activate the account, battery starts draining.

    Any help will be highly appreciated

    Thanks a ton in advance!

    1. Eberhard

      That is true, but then again, I use that email as my primary to sync Calendars, Contacts and Mail. I can do that on the BlackBerry, but the screen is so much bigger on the iPhone. If you don’t need the instant sync through GMail, then I would just leave it deleted.

      But you are right, it does use more battery.


  10. Lesther

    Similar settings works with the iPad, though with POP rather than IMAP. Thanks for the info.

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