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Jul 11

iPad 2 3G with Kindle 3 GSM Sim Card

Kindle 3 Taken Apart

I have decided to take apart Kindle 3 and see what happens if I insert the Sim Card on to my iPad 2 3G. First, I have to open the Kindle apart, then, take the sim card out. Then cut the sim card into sized for iPad 2 3G with a Micro Sim Cutter. Here …

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May 16

Top 10 Productivity Apps for iPhone 4

Below are the list I use for my daily productivity. I list my Top 10, not in the right order. Just the common one I used on a daily basis. Related Posts:Got an Error “Please Contact iTunes Support to Complete this Transaction.”?Add 500 Gig of Space to your iPad with Seagate GoFlex SatelliteApps Not Working …

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Apr 06

iPhone Replaces your Point and Shoot Camera


I have lots of cameras that are great to take pictures with, the Nikon D100, Canon PowerShot G12, or I use my Sony HandyCam that uses Flash Drive so I can just easily transfer the videos without any software or whatnot. Sure those are fine and dandy, but sometimes, you are in a hurry. Such …

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Aug 02

Amazon Kindle 2 Sim Card on the iPad 3G

Kindle 2 GSM Chip before Micro Sized

Do you have the Kindle 2 Global Edition? The one with GSM Sim Card? Do you know how to disassemble your Kindle 2? If so, then you can install the Kindle Global Edition Sim Card to your iPad and it will work. If it works on the iPad 3G, it will work on the iPhone …

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