Google Plus Vs. Dropbox Photos and Videos Auto Backup

google+dropbox1What’s the difference between Google+ and Dropbox Auto Backup for your Photos and Videos? Google+ does it better than Dropbox, at least for HTC One. If you don’t have an HTC One, then I will explain what is the differences between the two. Both do a good job of auto backing up the photos fast and in the same order. The only differences are the way you access them.

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With the Dropbox you can access them from your Desktop computer under the Dropbox folder or from the app on your Android device or iOS Device. You can view them in a Thumbnail view and if you use Zoe a lot which takes 30 shots continuously, Dropbox won’t convert them into animated series, instead it will display them as is, 20 seconds worth of almost the same shot 20 times plus a mp4 format so you can view the 20 second video in mp4 format. Could be repetitive for the 20 shots. But on the other hand, it is good to download them offline onto your other devices that you share with across platform from iOS Devices to Android and other Smartphone compatible with Dropbox. You can also share what you have with your friends base on the folders, just think of the folders as your Album. So I would suggest you move them to a folder first for the photos you want to share before sending them a link to your folder. You can share the whole Camera Uploads folder, but then they would see all your current Auto Backup folder.

The only drawback with Dropbox is that you can only delete photos one by one. While it is easier with Google+, all you have to do is login to Google Plus and you can view the pictures that you want to Delete. Dropbox has small thumbnails and it’s hard to see what is what to delete. So I have to open them one by one to see and then delete. Tedious job just to organize it.

Google+ does it differently with photos when you are using HTC One with Zoe enabled. However, if your photos are all static, then using Google+ is no different than Dropbox. When you access Google+, you can see all the photos organized based on time. Since you can see what photos are what, you can move them to an album or delete them. It’s easier to organize with Google Plus, even on Android and iOS. The app is easy to use and you can create album easily, check the ones you want to move to an album and share them.

Both can do auto backup of your photos when you are connected to WiFi only, so it doesn’t waste your data plan. Or you can enable it so you can backup on WiFi or without WiFi. Both can access your photos anywhere with the app or browser. Both of the Auto Backup Photos are private until you share them.

The big difference between the two is that with Google Plus, you can view the photos taken with Zoe as is. Which means the pictures comes to live, and it makes browsing through my photos more enjoyable. It’s just too bad Dropbox can’t view Zoe photos like Google Plus can. All Zoe photos are static, however, the good thing about Zoe is that it uploads the mp4 version of the 20 shot burst it made. But I have to click on the play button to see it, while Google Plus just automatically plays them all at once.

So there you have it, both are good ways of sharing your media across platform. As long as I have the app installed, it doesn’t matter which Smartphones I have, I can access my photos anywhere and watch the videos anywhere as well. For content viewing though, I prefer Google Plus. For backing up other stuff other than media, I use Dropbox.

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